We are here for you. We are happy to answer questions even before you apply. HILITECH is a versatile company. It thrives on people with a wide range of skills and talents. 



1. Application
We have a separate online application form for each position, which you can use to easily contact us and upload your resume. If you are interested in a job, but do not have your application documents ready, please call us – we will find a solution.

2. Interview
Talking brings people together, as the saying goes. We are happy to take the time for a job interview – depending on the job and location, we can get to know each other in person or online. In any case, this first meeting is extremely important for our decision. The responsible manager, someone from the people & culture team or from the management team will be there. Here you can ask us all the questions that interest you. Depending on the position, we organize a second meeting so that you can learn more about the position as well as the company.

3. Decision
If you have successfully completed the application process, you will receive a notification from us. In the event that the decision is made in favor of another applicant, you will also receive feedback as soon as possible.

1. Application
Of course, school grades are important. However, we at HILITECH are primarily interested in your motivation and talent for a professional future. This is how it works: The best way to apply is online via our application form. You can apply for trial days or directly for an apprenticeship or training position if you already know exactly what you want to do.

2. Trial days
Get to know our apprenticeships on site and form your own opinion about your future. During the trial days, you will be amid the action for one, or several days to experience the actual work process. In addition, you will be given small sample pieces to work on so that you can develop a feel for the materials. It is also important that you get to know the team and your colleagues – this is how you find out whether you feel comfortable in the company.

3. Feedback
Soon after you have learned more about us, we ask that you to let us know whether you wish to apply for an apprenticeship at HILITECH. Once we receive this information, your application will move on to the selection process.

4. Decision
Decisions regarding apprenticeships or training positions will be made as soon as possible. The apprenticeship starts in August.